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How to choose camera bags:

Whether you use automatic compact camera, digital camera, or SLR, camera bag should be used. Select camera bags, you need to carefully think about this: I am in photography, you need to with what tools?
One camera bags should at least be able to pretend to be next to your camera, a few films, some spare batteries, a small tripod and lens cloth, like a Guido-hi of the new camera bags ARMOR A-S1553, it is not only installed 2-4 the lens or two lenses a flash, you can also install other accessories, and short-distance travel goods. Of course, if you are using is the "fool the camera," no need to consider too much, can hold a camera, film and battery pack or, as the ARMOR A-X1542 such as a camera bag is enough. If special needs or for convenience, you can also bring a warm lunch box. In the days when hot, you can also put ice cubes in the boxes where to save the film.

       Some digital cameras at the factory equipped with a camera bag, and put aside the batteries and memory card space. But the camera bag to use is very inelastic, unable to meet the actual conditions of his or her personal belongings need to be better then the convenience of a regular camera bags. In view of the digital cameras of different sizes, in the purchase of camera bags are best to bring it to the selection.
Many SLR machine is also equipped with camera bags, to provide users with a certain convenience. However, once you add the lens or other accessories will have to elect a bigger camera bag has. At this time, do not always think, "I still have the original camera bags manufacturers mark," and reluctant to change. With the camera bags everywhere you do not need to show that you are using an expensive SLR camera.



Equipment protection:

If you have more expensive photographic equipment, then you need to use the kind of relatively strong, able to separate the different components of the camera bag placed so as not to collide with each other. This camera bags, more well-known brands include Winer, Domke, Lowepro, Tamrac, Billingham, and Tenba. Like Winer’s jazz series with the rain, snow features, and inexpensive, durable, yet generous.

In addition, there are many brands of camera bags is equipped with the activities of the pockets of a transparent film used in the United States the airport security checks, require manual inspection to avoid the X-ray film of the damage. Where in the equipment business, you can also buy a bag of lead shielding is used to reduced X-ray, X-ray of the film to avoid damage. This depends on the efficacy of lead shielding bag X-ray density, the lead thickness and film speed.



Camera bags where you can put what:
Our contributing editor to all his photographic equipment installed in a large bag. He said: "I do not like to allow these devices away from me. I must take two cameras with me, whenever." Let us look at his equipment:

Lens :17-35mm (shooting street scenes and scenery) ,70-200mm (film portraits and wildlife), 50mm Macro lens
Film: KODAK E100S (portraits), KODAK E100SW (shooting wild animals and landscapes), KODAK E200 (shooting fast moving objects and low-light objects)
Plastic sandwich bag (protection film tube)
Polarizing microscopy, gradient mirror, Skylight
2 flash (one standby), flash sync cable, soft flash device (for portrait photography)
AA Rechargeable Battery W / Charger
Kodak DC4800 digital zoom camera, wide-angle lens, 192MB memory card, spare battery W / charger
Kodak Max HQ disposable camera (for pictures and photos sent to give him)
Mini Tripod
Can be fixed in the head, no hand holding a small flashlight (very suitable for shooting at night)
Camera / Lens Cleaning Tool

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